Collaboration doesn't happen by chance.

Give your teams a way to make it happen. Get Collaborizza — the team collaboration workshop in a (pizza) box!

Two powerful tools.
One reliable session recipe.

Collaborizza brings together two powerful tools: CCS Corporation’s image card facilitation system known as CCS Cards, and Hargraves Institute’s Collaboration Assessment Tool for Teams.

Everyone gets a pack of Collaborizza Cards — to improve connection and contribution.

Build emotional connection

Create a safe, constructive space for open, honest and robust conversations about performance, thriving and collaborative behaviours.

Team collaboration assessment model

Assess and evaluate

Objectively evaluate your team's current capacity for collaboration and identify immediate actions to help you truly thrive. 

What's inside a Collaborizza Kit?

The extraordinary team collaboration workshop in a (pizza) box


Collaborizza is a complete collaboration workshop in a box for up to 12 participants.

It includes everything a team needs to guide itself through an effective, enjoyable group workshop and an individual follow‑up activity, to develop relationships and habits that will help the team collaborate better and truly thrive.

Materials are used during the session and taken away by team members for individual and group follow-up activities.

Each Collaborizza kit includes:

  • Session Recipe Team Workbook including Collaboration Assessment Tool
  • 12 × packs of CCS Collaborizza Cards
  • 12 × Team Member Journal booklets
  • 18 × sheets of vision stickers
  • 4 × sticker templates
  • downloadable follow-up activities.

Step-by-step Recipe

We'll hold your hand and give you the right words to say. Our superb step-by-step session plan and workbook will guide you skilfully through the session.




Follow a team through a Collaborizza

Watch a real business team discover how to collaborate better with Collaborizza. What did they expect? How did it go?

Prime your team for collaboration

Collaboration doesn't happen by chance.

To truly thrive, teams must be responsive and primed for collaboration. They must have healthy relationships, clear and common purpose, trust and equal voice.

Team members must talk easily, listen and learn from each other, seek diversity, share values and share accountability.


Powerful outcomes from a Collaborizza session image
Team working from the Collaborizza workshop in a box

Team collaboration: self‑delivered

With the right tools, teams can be empowered to develop these kinds of collaborative foundations by delivering their own thriving team workshops.

Compared to outsourcing, a self-delivered approach is flexible and responsive, creates outstanding team engagement and is easily and economically scaled.



What participants say about a Collaborizza session

Participants share their thoughts immediately after their team's Collaborizza.

Sub group team using Collaborizza

“One of the best workshops we’ve ever done. Valuable conversations and great collaboration from everyone.”

Rene Sugo, MNF Group

Ready to deliver?

Each kit has everything you need to run an innovative team collaboration workshop for up to 12 participants. Just open the box and get started!



Priming for collaboration

Leonie Cutts, facilitator, coach and creator of CCS Cards, talks about the foundational elements for collaboration built into the materials and processes in Collaborizza.

Team showing Collaborizza at end of a successful workshop

“Highly recommend trying this product ... Twenty years of collaboration experience packaged into a series of exercises for YOU and your TEAM!”

Dom Price, Atlassian

Tried and tested by leading organisations including HealthShareNSW, Atlassian, Workplace by Facebook, Weir Consulting, MNF Group, Sydney Trains, Mission Australia, Resonate Solutions, Westpac.

Designed and made in Australia



Making Collaborizza work out of the box

Award-winning professional board game and educational products creator, Craig Browne, explains why Collaborizza looks the way it does and works right out of the box.

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Are you ready for your team to thrive?

Each kit includes everything you need for up to 12 participants