Priming for collaboration with DISC and Collaborizza

Leonie Cutts

Collaborizza contains everything you need to run a an excellent team collaboration experience. It is also a terrific process to use in combination with other tools, such as DISC profiling. What are the impacts and benefits both for the facilitator and for the client? I talked with facilitator and Collaborizza Partner, Adam Le Good and his client, Sara Strachan, from Meat & Livestock Australia. Their experience speaks volumes about the power and flexibility of Collaborizza to prime teams for transformation.

The Facilitator

Collaborizza Partner, Adam Le Good, of Fundamental Training and Development, talks about the benefits of using Collaborizza in combination with the profiling tool known as DISC ADVANCED by recounting a workshop he facilitated with Meat & Livestock Australia.

Let’s hear from the client

Sarah Strachan, Group Manager, Adoption & Commercialisation at Meat & Livestock Australia, shares about the experience and outcomes from the workshops.

Listen carefully to her responses about:

  • What was the problem they were trying to solve?
  • How did the Collaborizza tools help?
  • What were the benefits of combining DISC and Collaborizza?
  • What would you say to someone who was thinking of using Collaborizza?

Leonie Cutts

A highly experienced facilitator, certified coach, and product creator (including CCS Cards and Collaborizza). Leonie specialises in unlocking individual and team potential through the expert use of image cards.