b'B3 ASSESSING OUR45COLLABORATIONSET UP WHAT TO DOHand everyone1Have everyone write their name on the front page a Me in thisof their Me in this team journal and open to the team journalchart on the first page.pens orSay:The Collaboration Assessment Tool markers for Teams divides the two attributes of confidence and connectedness into six specific elements. The right hand side, connectedness, is made up of belonging, trust and engagement. Confidence, on the left side, is established through autonomy, competence and a sense of progress.2Ask each team member to quietly read through each element on theGET A QUICK MEDIANchart and rate, from zero to 10, theSurvey each element as degree to which they believe eachfollows:of them is true for the team at this1.All hands upmoment (0 = not at all, 10 = totally). 2.Put your hand down if you scored 10. 9. 8. 3Have the team quickly work out the3.Keep going until about median (middle) score for each half the hands remain. specific element. This score will be your median score.13 Collaborizza2019 CCS Corporation P/L and Hargraves Institute P/L'