b'3 ASSESSING OUR COLLABORATIONDig deeper 4Have everyone turn to the next page in their Me in this team journal to the Collaboration Assessment Tool for Teams: Key Questions. Give them a few minutes to doing the following:Read through each question and tick those that you think would be important when building a thriving teamThen, circle those questions that you think are most important for your team right now.5Form new subgroups of 3 or 4 members. 6Have the subgroups discuss and identify:what they believe are the 3 most important questions to be addressed by the team right nowpossible actions to take to address those most important questions.Record the ideas on the Insights/Actions pages 6-7 inyour Me in this team journals.15 Collaborizza2019 CCS Corporation P/L and Hargraves Institute P/L'