b'3 ASSESSING OUR COLLABORATION: OUR TEAM PRIORITIESCO NFI D ENCEand motivation to contributeAUTONOMY COMPETENCE SENSE OF PROGRESSThe team has control of projectThe team has the mastery Every team member understands the activities and processes to succeed project purpose and milestonesRoles Skills GoalsHow can we ensure that teamHow can we ensure that we haveHow can we ensure that team members understand their rolesthe right technical and interpersonalmembers fully understand the goals and the roles of others?skills to complete the project/work?and purpose of collaborative work?Freedom Sharing MotivationHow can we pursue our goal usingHow can we encourage sharingHow can we maintainour own processes and resourcesknowledge and skills with eachmotivation and inspiration within the organisational strategy? other and with other teams? within the team?Interdependencies Learning disposition FeedbackHow can we work well withHow can we learn from other How can we ensure that team other teams and sectionsteam members, teamsmembers get constructive, feedback of the organisation? and organisations?to boost individual performance?Recognition Judgement AccountabilityHow can we celebrate individualHow can we ensure that weHow can we ensure that we and team contributions? make good and speedy decisionsmeet milestones and are using sound processes? accountable for our work?17 Collaborizza2019 CCS Corporation P/L and Hargraves Institute P/L'