b'CONNECT ED NE SSinternally and externallyBELONGING TRUST ENGAGEMENTThe team feels proud of beingTeam members trust eachTeam members connect with part of something bigger other and the organisationothers internally and externallyInclusion Helpfulness ResponsivenessHow can we ensure that everyHow can we prioritise giving andHow can we ensure that team voice is equally heard and thatasking for support when needed?members respond appropriately opportunities are fairly distributed? to each other and other teams, Psychological safety online and in-person?Respect How can we make team How can we ensure teammembers feel safe when askingCollaboration toolsbehaviours are respectful,questions, challenging othersHow can we ensure that team transparent and affable? and contributing ideas? members use collaboration tools positively and effectively?Diversity SystemsHow can we make the most ofHow can we be sure that theOpennessdifferent perspectives, livedorganisations systems andHow can we maintain healthy experiences and ways of thinking? processes support our teamcuriosity, particularly when and team members? working remotely?DivergenceHow can we manage disagreementEthicsExternal networksrespectfully and avoid bothHow can we ensure that both theHow can we build positive external groupthink and hostility? team and the organisation upholdsnetworks to get ideas and insights? the highest ethical standards?Collaborizza2019 CCS Corporation P/L and Hargraves Institute P/L 18'