b'NEXT STEPS?So, youve had a great Collaborizza, what do you do next? In the days and weeks following your Collaborizza session, there are a few key things the team can do to help build the elements into daily team practice:Send snapshots of completed key spreads from the Workbook (pp 910, 1720, 2526) to all team members.Remind team members to follow up with their buddies after completing their Who Can I Be In This Team? activity.Check-in with action owners to keep actions progressing. Ask for status updates in team meetings.Pass the completed Workbook around at a team meeting in a couple of months. Encourage everyone to discuss whats been working, any changes or improvements they have noticed, how do they feel about Because of us . now?Host a joint meeting with another team in your organisation after they have had a Collaborizza. Share and compare your outcomes. 33 Collaborizza2019 CCS Corporation P/L and Hargraves Institute P/L'