b'Session Guides can play too! Even though you are guiding the flow of the session, if you are part of the team, you can fully participate as well.HOW TO BE A GOOD SESSION GUIDECongratulations for taking on the role ofDURING THE SESSIONCollaborizza Session Guide. Keep this Workbook open as you work Each of the activities are carefully designedthrough each activity. Feel free to to produce interaction, discussion andrefer to it as often as you require. engagement. In most cases you will findIf participants question an approach, that simply reading out and asking people tojust ask them to trust the process.follow the instructions will be sufficient for a successful outcome. Encourage participants to focus more However, you may find the following tipson jotting down their ideas and images helpful to keep the group focused, on taskrather than spending time on perfect and working together.words and perfect handwriting. Keep a keen eye on the time. The BEFORE THE SESSION clock shown for each activity is a good approximation, and its fine to vary it a Find a suitably comfortable roomlittle, but be aware that discussions can with appropriate tables and chairsoften get very deep and you may need to for the session and book it. nudge people along every now and then.Read right through this Workbook so youTake a short break during PartB or just have a good sense of the session flow. before Part C.Highlight or put sticky notes onShare the tasks around. Encourage key sections so you dont missdifferent participants to take on tasks like them during the session. reading out content, scribing on flipcharts Check you have sufficientand adding things to the Workbook session materials. it will add to the collaboration.Collaborizza2019 CCS Corporation P/L and Hargraves Institute P/L 2'