b'WHAT TO DOAsk everyone to pull two random cards from their pack of Collaborizza Cardswithout looking at them.Something new about you.Have everyone stand and pair up with another team member. Each pair turns over one of their cards and, using the card as a springboard, shares something about themselves that the other person does not know.Repeat with a different team member using the second card. Then have people sit back down.I feel inspired when I.Ask everyone to: Go through your full pack of cards to find 5 cards while constantly saying to yourselves, I feel inspired when I.[Allow a few minutes. Dont rush.]When everyone has chosen their 5 cards, have people share their choices in pairs. What inspires us all?Now, as a whole team, talk about what inspires us as individuals and what inspires us all. Use a flipchart if you like. Collaborizza2019 CCS Corporation P/L and Hargraves Institute P/L 6'